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Hey Loves!

How's your summer holiday this year? I sure hope you enjoyed every bit of your summer bliss this year, because i sure do. Summer ended much quicker than i anticipated, i wished summer would go on for much longer, summer vacation i mean. Who doesn't right?

This summer i went back to my favorite city, Saint Tropez. Which is located in the coastline of the southeast corner of France. If you read my last year's SUMMER OUTFIT DIARY I'm sure you know. Although last year i only visited Saint Tropez for a brief moment, because i stayed in Cannes the longest. I promise myself that i would go back here as soon as possible! And now here i am, in the city i fell in love with. My favorite country in the world would be France. There's just something about France that screams romance, journey, classic and culinary. The city that describe me the most? I can't describe just how beautiful France is to me. 

This summer were probably the most hectic vacation ever. I frequently move from one place to another every one or two days. I stayed the longest in Saint Tropez, for about 3 days. Since i went to a lot of places, see a lot of things, on-off airplane ride, i get to learn something new and it was all worth it, despite my tired and grumpy self. 

So, here's my...

Tips for those who's going to a busy SUMMER vacation with commercial airlines:
Before going to the list, keep this in mind.. You're going for a vacation which has a busy schedule and it requires you to move around frequently.

1. You have to know that you have to pack light
Because when your luggage is too heavy you certainly have to pay for the extra weight; IT COST SO MUCH! And if the luggage is too big, it wont fit in the car - some city only have small cars. What if you can't pack light? (like me) try as hard as possible to get rid of unnecessary things like: 
a. Don't bring many swimsuits - bring one or two the most.
b. Use travel size containers for both make-up and toiletries.
c. Mostly bring clothes that are functional - e.g. plain t-shirt; for sleep and going out. ;)
d. Make sure to dry your wet clothes.

2. Prepared for all weather changes - at least bring one sweater could be black or white(choose a color that matches with your current wardrobe. Even though it summer, it could get chilly at night. And some cities/countries have a strong wind.

3. Bring a carry-on luggage - it will give you extra space when your luggage does not fit anymore. And could be handy if you decide to go somewhere for a day trip(so you don't have to bring your big luggage).

4. Bring a portable luggage weight scaler - weigh your luggage prior going to the airport. So you know if your luggage is over weight, you can move some things to your cabin luggage or throw out unnecessary things.

5. Last but not least, DO NOT OVER PACK. - Remember, you'll always going to buy some things during your vacation. Could be gifts, clothing, food, etc. Its good to save an extra space.

P.S. for more tips about going to a tropical place, you could head to my previous blog post!

NOW, its a part where i show you my summer outfit!

Thank You for sparing your time to take a peek at my blog. Very much appreciated. See you on my next blog post!



Sunglasses: Gentle Monsters | Top: G+NA | Pants: COS Stores | 
Bag: Louis Vuitton | Flats: CHANEL 

Location: Sardinia, Italy.


Dress: Saint x Sinner | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Flats: CHANEL 
Hoop Earrings: COS | Hat: Galeries Lafayette

Location: Sardinia, Italy.


Top: LUCKY CHOUETTE | Pants: COS Stores | Sunglasses: DIOR Technologic
Bag: Gabriella Hearst | Scarf Belt: Hermes | Bandana: Hermes

Location: St. Tropez, France.


Dress: LUCKY CHOUETTE | Hat: ZARA | Bag: Gabriella Hearst

Location: St. Tropez, France.


Sweater: ACNE STUDIOS | Pants: And Other Stories | Sunglasses: RayBan
Bag: CHLOE | Flats: MIU MIU | Earrings: Louis Vuitton

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.


 Sunglasses: RayBan | Flats: CHANEL

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.


Top: Love and Flair | Pants: MARYALLE OFFICIAL | Bag: Celine
Flats: CHANEL | Sunglasses: RayBan

Location: Milan, Italy.


Top: Love and Flair | Pants: MARYALLE OFFICIAL | Bag: Celine
Sandals: Hermes | Sunglasses: RayBan

Location:  Milan, Italy.

With Love, Pinka.

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  1. This place is stunning. The architecture is beautiful and the decoration is spectacular. Environment was transparent and resonant and warm and immediate. I loved this venue NYC and my experience here was very exciting.


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