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Hey Loves!
I know its a long overdue post 1 month? tehee. But I had a wonderful time in Bali during my spring break holiday. It was such a wonderful yet short trip, 4 days and 3 nights. I went to Bali with my school friends, to ease our mind before the upcoming exams. It is our last holiday together before we graduate high school! Sad isn't it? I did not really plan my outfit, i think packing last minute has become my habit since winter, hmm. But i ended up loving my outfit, though!

I decided to include a 'Quick Reminder/Tips' for travel related post. I assume its, fun and resourceful? I hope you liked it.

So here's my.....
Quick fashion-outfit related things to bring bring to a tropical island;
1. Always bring at least a pair of sunglasses - Each sunglasses will give a total different look of your outfit! And there's always a spare one to top of your look if one's did not cut the look.
2. A statement hats - Either floppy hat (fun fact; its typically made out of paper!!) or a fedora hat, would be perfect to top off your outfit!
3. Cute sandals - sandals are mandatory pieces for the tropical island, prevents your foot from all that sweat.
4. Current favorite, bandanas! - to hold your hair to the back. very useful when you have a bad hair day (duh, its obvs. HOT) but still want to let your hair down. + it accessorized your hair. fashion 101.

To my unplanned outfit and not summer-ready body...
Thank You for still supporting my look and let dem outfits wrap my body well.

As you can see, i don't have much outfit to show. Did not took a lot of outfit pictures. BUT, i went back to Bali just a couple days ago, and took loads of picture. Stay tune for the upcoming post!!


Outfit #1:
Dress: ZARA | Sunglasses: DUMA Official | Bag: CELINE | Sandals: ET Club Bali
Headpiece: HERMES

Location: Sundays Beach Club, Uluwatu, Bali.

Outfit #2:
Sunglasses: Rayban | Sandals: CELINE | Pants: &OtherStories | Bag: CELINE | Top: SEEDS
Scarf: Alexander McQueen | Headpiece: HERMES

Location: Deus Ex Machina, Seminyak, Bali.

With Love, Pinka.


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