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Hey Loves! I went to Bali again! I don't think i'll never get bored of Bali. Anyways, how are you? I'll assume its been great. Mines been terrific! This time i went to Bali with my cousins and my grandma. Its a Grandmumu(that's what i called her) and grandchildren holiday! And what makes it so fun is; the 7 grandchild(including me) are coming. ITS A FULL HOUSE! Its been awhile since we gather together for a trip. Since we are all busy with school. But FINALLY, we got around to that.

So, here's my next tip for tropical island get-away:

1. Aloe Vera - It cools/heals sunburns, also moisture dry skins. My cheeks are so itchy after i spend a quite evening on the beach. I thought i am no match for the water in Bali, but then i figured, when i was a kid, i went through the same thing. And its because of the sunburns and my face wasn't properly moisturized. SO, Aloe Vera helps!
2. Bring your own towel(s) - You'll never know when you'll need a towel. You might not like the towels that the hotels provide, or even when you go to small unpopular places, they might not provide a towel. Having a clean towel is a necessary!
3. Swimsuits - (obviously) you'll always need a swimsuit when you're in Bali. Even when you think you don't. Cause, you'll never know when you 'feel' like hopping to a swimming pool or swim at the beach.

Just like what i promised before, more pictures are available on this post!

My grandma loves florals, as well as growing them. All her houses has gardens, even if its small. This house in Bali, has a small garden but it already feels like a secret garden. My gingham off the shoulder top are from Vintage Treasure Bali. A brand from Germany but manufactured in Bali. 

Lovin' my eyelike sunglasses strap paired with my ENKI Eyewear.

Hope you enjoy reading my outfit blog post!


Sunglasses: ENKI Eyewear | Sunglass strap: EYELIKE | Top: Vintage Treasure Bali | 
Pants: The Editors Market | Bandana: ROSEBUD Japan | Flats: CHANEL

Location: Sanur, Bali

Top: Vintage Treasure Bali | Shorts: Topshop | Hat: ZARA | Sandals: ET Bali | 
Sunglasses: DoppelgangerID

Location: Bedugul, Bali.

With Love, Pinka.

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