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Bags are the most fundamental thing to bring along during your trip. Not only to complete your outfit, but also to carry your precious little things. I like to keep it simple, means i try to not carry a lot of things with me when i'm traveling. I tend to only bring what i really need for the day. And it depends on the seasons and where i am traveling!

This time, i'm traveling to Bali, a tropical island. Where I spend most of my days going to the beach or chilling at the villa, OR per usual-food culinary! The most visited tourist-y area in Bali would be Seminyak and Kuta. Full of restaurants and little shops. So i would say, this trip is not a typical holiday trip. Me and my friends did not really go to lots of places, we called this trip a 'chill' trip. Schedules are very flexible and no-much place we want to go. Its just a trip to ease our mind from a hectic life back in Jakarta(exams are coming!!).

Quick reminder of what you should bring at all times;
1. Your Phone - obvious right? you use it to text, call, take pictures, browsing, etc. Its basically YOUR whole life in a small gadget. 
2. Wallet/Money/Cash - Identity card is a very crucial thing! +carry some cash, you'll always need it when cards wont do.
3. Powerbank - you cant have your phone dying while you're traveling, right? Especially if you're traveling during summer or to a tropical island. (dem brightness ALWAYS drains your battery)


Just like what i told you, there's not much going on inside my bag. I may have lied a little, i actually forgot to bring my powerbank, so i had to borrow my friend's everyday (oops! sorry Meisya & Vinka!!). And i actually brought a couple of sunglasses, not one. The sunnies i featured on the picture, that's the one i use most of the time. Other than that, that's pretty much what's in my bag. 

My Leica SOFORT, powerbank and earphone. I've been loving taking polaroid pictures, i think its the best type of instant picture. You cant edit it, nor take a lot of it. For me, instant camera like polaroid, is the best tool to capture a 'real' moments. As for powerbank, traveling to a tropical island like Bali, i often taking pictures using my phone and the brightness level is full(otherwise i cant see anything on my phone) and it drains the battery soooo quick-powerbank saves my battery!! I stayed in Seminyak, it takes around 30-45 minutes by car to go to Kuta or Uluwatu, earphones is very-much needed to listen to your favorite songs!

I don't really use make-up when the weather is hot. All i use is brow wiz for my eyebrows and lipstick. To protect my skin i use a little bit of toner after washing my face. Brought along my brow wiz and lipstick for touch-up only.

Small Purses and Accessories:
Brought two wallets with me this trip! The Prada ones are for my cash and the Saint Laurent ones are for my small changes and cards. 


Earphone - Apple (here)
Camera - Leica SOFORT (here)
Powerbank - Mophie (here)

Bag - Celine TRIO
Sunglasses - illesteva (here)
Wallet (red) - PRADA
Wallet (pink) - Saint Laurent
Bandana Two Tones - Hermes 
Floppy Straw Hat - Galeries Lafayette
Pom Pom Sandals - ET Club Bali

Perfume - Marc By Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'
Lipstick - Kylie Cosmetic 'Candy K'
Brow - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz 'Granite'

With Love, Pinka.


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