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This winter i traveled to quite lots of places; Tokyo, Niseko, Sapporo, New York and L.A. I spent most of my time in Japan, because me and my family loved it here. I mean, i love the other countries i've been to, but Japan offers the best food and shopping, i think.

This winter holiday, i don't know why, but i under-pack although my luggage is very-very full. I only brought 2 pants; white denim jeans and black ripped jeans. Both are very much NOT suitable for the winter season. :) I wasn't really paying attention while packing(very unlike me, i'm a very thorough packer.) but this time i think i was really busy and tired, so i just brought the things i currently wear/use the most(remember; Jakarta is basically summer all year long. read; very HOT) so clearly, its very-not suitable for winter. But, i somehow make it work. Although, i bought some jeans and culottes along the way, but i survived the first 1 and a half week!!

P.S. Japan is much colder than NY, so i struggled a lot, because i wasn't expecting the temperature would be that cold and windy.

Quick packing tips for a lazy packer:
1.  REMEMBER how many days you're going to be in a trip for.
2. REMEMBER the SEASON. ++ check weather forecast!!
3. Pack chronologically; from head to toe for the outfits and then pack other essentials
(chargers, bath stuffs, etc.)
4. For winter especially; bring VACUUM BAGS. (It will save you loads of space.)

Okay now, done with my rant. Take a look at my lazy outfits! 

 This picture is taken while i just had a wonderful lunch in Tofuya Ukai, a very-very traditional Japanese restaurant, that offers traditional Japanese food. Unluckily, i forgot to bring my phone so can't take any picture of the food. And if you're probably wondering why my eyebrows looked like that, i did not use any make-up, so my eyebrows is not on fleek, plus the lighting hit my face. :)

Did not took any other outfit picture at all in NYC, only stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights. So, i took the time to take picture on the last day-in front of the hotel :"). NYC been really cloudy during my visit, so its hard to take a good picture. Wore my new grey culottes that i mentioned, my happy purchase!

Went to Melrose/Fairfax to take cute picts with my friends; Tiara and Lakesha and found this amazing murals. If you realize, i wore the same turtle neck sweater from the first outfit lol.

Literally my last day in LA! Feeling so pink-ish. I throw on my pink coat that i love!


In Tokyo #1:
Hoodie: Little Sunny Bite | White Denim Flare: &OtherStories | Shoes: Adidas |
 Bag: Chanel Drawstring

In Tokyo #2:
Turtle Neck: COS | White Denim Flare: &OtherStories | Shoes: Adidas | Bag: GUCCI |
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

In New York:
Coat: Zac Posen | Top: Brandy Melville | Bracelet: Hermes | Shoes: Adidas | Pants: Acne

In Los Angeles #1:
Turtle Neck: COS | Black Jeans: PAIGE | Fur Slippers: GUCCI | Bag: GUCCI

In Los Angeles #2:
Coat: ALL SAINTS | Top: Band T-Shirt (Yonada) | Ripped Jeans: PAIGE | Boots: FENDI | 
Bag: FENDI | Sunglasses: Gentle Monsters

With Love, Pinka.

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